I'm a husband, dad, and a businessman championing the relentless pursuit of purpose

"My mission is to champion the relentless pursuit of purpose."

Chris Kiefer, the visionary founder of Boolean, is a passionate advocate for living a life of purpose. His unwavering commitment to his mission stems from a deep belief in individuals' profound impact on the world when they align their actions with their true purpose. He's on a quest to empower entrepreneurs to unlock their true potential by automating the dehumanizing tasks that hold them back, allowing them to enter their zone of genius and effortlessly tap into the flow state—where work becomes deeply fulfilling and where time is abundant to focus on the things that truly matter. Join the ranks of those who have harnessed Chris's ingenuity and wisdom to refine and transform their lives and become magnetic forces of positive transformation.

When Chris was just 21 years old, his father, a dedicated PE teacher, passed away. At the funeral, witnessing the gratitude of 700 attendees whose lives had been touched by this loving man, Chris found true meaning: to share the wisdom of a purposeful life, inspired by his father. As he explains, he champions the relentless pursuit of purpose.

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We streamline how to look at data, operations, and technology. We are specialists at implementing and automating technology for painting busineses.

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Boolean Review helps home service businesses earn Google reviews from happy clients that help future clients find them more easily.

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Find answers to commonly asked questions about our businesses, podcast, and backstory.

Why is automation so important to business operations?

We have found that many businesses waste up to 200 hours monthly just managing data entry. Why have your skilled employees doing unskilled work? Chris's mission to champion the relentless pursuit of purpose means freeing up clients to spend more time on the enjoyable parts of business and less time on the repetitive and time-consuming tasks of managing data.

Why did Chris found Boolean Review and Boolean Automation?

While Chris earned a Bachelors degree as an engineer, his true passion was not in calculating the structure of bridges and roads, but in optimization and solving tough problems. After taking a job as a marketing director for a painting and concrete coatings company, Chris witnessed the challenges these businesses faced in attracting new leads. He also saw how heavily data management influenced operations. So he tackled these problems, in true engineer fashion!

Why does Chris work with certain sized companies only?

While all home service businesses could utilize technology and improve efficiency of processes, Chris has found that businesses don't typically need outsourced help managing their tech stacks until they reach about $3-7M in revenue annually. That is when growing pains tend to make data management become a headache.

Does Chris work 1-on-1 with business owners?

Boolean Automations works with businesses of many sizes, with varying needs. While some of these businesses require 1-on-1 support for implementation of new technology and automating processes, many other businesses actually have the people in place internally to manage this project. For those businesses, their is an option to take an online course to guide you through the most common ways needed to automation operations.

How can I become a guest on the Pursuit of Purpose podcast?

Please email us at support@booleanreview.com to get in contact with our team. We can talk more about how you can become a podcast guest!

Still have questions?

Feel free to reach out to us!